Atomic and Molecular Bibliographic Data System
Available Reactant/Surface Codes Reactant Code Ion Charge
Reactant 1   H, Na, H2O, HF 2, 26, -1
Reactant 2  
H, Na, H2O, HF
Isoelectr. Sequence   H, Be, Ca
Surface   Mg, Ag2O, Metal
Examples are given in green Attention: the codes are case-sensitive, i.e., 'Hf' is Hafnium and 'HF' is Hydrogen-Fluorine
Category Process

Author's name     Mott, N*Mott, *stein* 2nd author's name  
Keywords/Patterns     res*nance, "electron impact" Exp vs Theory  
Years   --  98, 1998, 02, 2002 Reference Type  
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