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This page is a portal for modelers in fusion plasma science. It provides solutions to anyone willing atomic or molecular data which can not be easily accessed on the web or which simply do not exist.

The CCN makes available code capibilities (online computing and "downloadable" codes), direct contacts with the CCN for any expertise, benchmarks, data validation tools, etc.

The discussion / distribution mailing list Daff (DAta For Fusion) is a open forum to any information or questions on atomic and molecular data relevant to fusion plasma science.

Any feedback and outcomes obtained through this network are very welcome.

Atomic and Molecular Structure Calculations
CATS Atomic Structure, Cowan's code Joe Abdallah on line calculations
AM Cross Sections and Rate Coefficients Calculations
CCC and RCCC Convergent Close Coupling Igor Bray expertise
ACE/GIPPER Atomic excitation/ionization cross sections by electron impact Joe Abdallah on line calculations
CDW Total and differential ionization cross sections for ion-atom collisions at high energy (MeV). Alain Dubois on line calculations
Collisional Radiative Model
CR Model CR model of He and He-like ions F. Koike on line code
University of Bari, Italy Mario Capitelli mario.capitelli @
Kurchatov Institute, Russian Federation Alexander Kukushkin kuka @
Lebedev Institute, Russian Federation L. Vainshtein vainsh @
Forschungszentrum Juelich Detlev Reiter d.reiter @
National Institure for Standards and Technology, USA Yuri Ralchenko yuri.ralchenko @
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, USA D. Stotler dstotler @
Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA Joe Abdallah Jr. abd @
Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA Joe Abdallah Jr. abd @
International Atomic Energy Agency B. J. Braams B.J.Braams @
Calculations of Spectral Line Shape in Plasmas
Weizmann Institue of Science Evgeny Stambulchik Evgeny.Stambulchik @

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