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Coordinated Research Projects

IAEA Coordinated Research Projects (CRPs) bring together scientists representing institutes in Member States to collaborate on a focussed research topic that is of shared interest and is important to the mission of the Agency. A CRP is normally approved for a period of 3-5 years and involves 8-15 laboratories, research teams or institutions. Most CRPs involve 3 Research Coordination Meetings (RCMs) where participants are brought together. The IAEA supports the cost of the RCMs, but only very limited funds are available for direct research support, and this only for participants from developing countries.

In the case of CRPs organized by the A+M Data Unit the goals of the CRP may include the establishment of a particular database, data generation, compilation and assessment for specific types of A+M collision processes, or classes of such processes, etc. A CRP generally results in a significant amount of new data on collision processes or structural properties of elements or materials relevant to fusion energy research. In addition a CRP may provide detailed critical assessments of the existing data and selection of sets of data that are recommended as the best available at the time of the assessment. The CRP results of adequate accuracy and completeness are stored in the ALADDIN database and published in the IAEA publication series Atomic and Plasma-Material Interaction Data for Fusion (APID).

During the last 10 years the IAEA A+M Data Unit has been running about 3-4 active CRPs at any time.

Planned CRP

Atomic Data for Vapour Shielding in Fusion Devices

Plans are in an early stage; no meetings yet.


Data for Atomic Processes of Neutral Beams in Fusion Plasma

Active CRPs

Plasma-wall Interaction with Reduced-activation Steel Surfaces in Fusion Devices

Plasma-Wall Interaction with Irradiated Tungsten and Tungsten Alloys in Fusion Devices

Data for Erosion and Tritium Retention in Beryllium Plasma-Facing Materials

Atomic and Molecular Data for State-Resolved Modelling of Hydrogen and Helium and Their Isotopes in Fusion Plasma

Spectroscopic and Collisional Data for Tungsten from 1 eV to 20 keV

Completed CRPs

Light Element Atom, Molecule and Radical Behaviour in the Divertor and Edge Plasma Regions

Characterization of Size, Composition and Origins of Dust in Fusion Devices

Data for Surface Composition Dynamics Relevant to Erosion Processes

Atomic Data for Heavy Element Impurities

Atomic and Molecular Data for Plasma Modelling

Tritium Inventory in Fusion Reactors

Data for molecular processes in edge plasmas

Atomic and molecular data for fusion plasma diagnostics

Earlier Completed CRPs

Charge-exchange cross section data for fusion plasma studies

1997-2000. APID vol. 10

Plasma-material interaction data for mixed plasma facing materials in fusion reactors

1997-2000. APID vol. 12

Atomic and plasma-wall interaction data for fusion reactor divertor modelling

1995-2000. APID vol. 9

Tritium retention in fusion reactor plasma facing components

1995-1997. APID vol. 15

Radiative cooling rates for fusion plasma impurities

1994-1997. APID vol. 11

Atomic data for medium and high-Z impurities in fusion plasmas

1991-1994. APID vol. 6

Plasma-interaction induced erosion of fusion reactor materials

1990-1995. APID vol. 7A, APID vol. 7B

Atomic and molecular data for fusion edge plasmas

1988-1994. APID vol. 2

Atomic collision data for diagnostics of magnetic fusion plasmas

1980-1984. APID vol. 3