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Agenda and Presentations

Wednesday, 30 November

09:20 - 09:50 D. Abriola, B. J. Braams:Opening, introductions, adoption of the agenda

09:45 - 10:20 C. Grisolia: The French contribution to dust in fusion and current perspectives
10:20 - 10:55 S.-H. Hong Statistics on dusts in KSTAR and dust transport and removal experiments in TReD
11:20 - 11:55 V. Rohde Dust investigations at IPP: Statistically relevant dust collection in AUG and LHD, F4E dust monitor and fast camera evaluation
11:55 - 12:30 N. Ashikawa Recent investigations of dust particles in LHD and JT-60U
14:00 - 14:35 S. Ciattaglia Strategy and plan for in-vessel dust (and tritium retention) control in ITER. Status November 2011
14:35 - 15:10 A. Widdowson Update on dust activities at JET
15:10 - 15:45 C. Skinner Advances in electrostatic dust detection and removal
16:10 - 16:45 J. Winter Fundamental aspects of dusty plasmas
16:45 - 17:20 C. Castaldo Researches on the dust component in FTU plasmas: diagnostics and modelling

Thursday 01 December

09:00 - 09:35 P. Humrickhouse ASDEX dust particle size distributions, and the beryllium dust explosion experiment
09:35 - 10:10 M. Rubel Overview of recent progress in studies of dust in tokamaks
11:10 - 12:00 V. Rohde Status of the dust database: demonstation of software and definition of first dust classes
12:00 - 12:30 B. Braams and All Plans for CRP final report
14:00 - 15:30 All Review status of Dust research
16:00 - 17:30 V. Rohde, S.-H. Hong et al. Prospects and plans for Dust database

Thursday 01 December

09:00 - 12:00 All Draft of meeting report
13:30 - 16:00 All Plans for CRP final report and Dust database