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CRP on Data for surface composition dynamics relevant to erosion processes

Period 2007-2011

This CRP is organized to increase understanding of erosion processes in fusion devices, such as ITER. Plasma constituents, such as ions and electrons interact with the solid wall materials of fusion devices, leading to erosion of wall materials and later re-deposition of those materials. Several different processes can take place in such interactions, such as physical sputtering, reflection, and various chemical reactions. Often, the details of such interactions are not well enough known to understand and predict erosion processes in fusion devices. In many cases even the pathways of eroded materials are not well known. This CRP will use experimental and theoretical techniques to address these issues, resulting in a better overall understanding of erosion processes and possible methods to mitigate such effects in future fusion devices.

Final RCM, Vienna, 13-15 September 2010,
meeting report and agenda

Second RCM, Vienna, 11-13 March 2009,
meeting report

First RCM, Vienna, 17-19 October 2007
meeting report

CRP Members
  Alain Allouche, CNRS / Universite de Provence (France)
Russell Doerner, University of California at San Diego (USA)
James Davis, University of Toronto (Canada)
Guangnan Luo, Chinese Academy of Sciences (China)
Rinad Zalavutdinov, Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia)
Yury Martynenko, RRC Kurchatov Institute (Russia)
Predrag Krstic, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (USA)
Karl Krieger, IPP Garching (Germany)
Kai Nordlund, University of Helsinki (Finland)
Daiji Kato, National Institute for Fusion Science (Japan)