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IAEA Final Research Coordination Meeting on Light Element Atom, Molecule and Radical Behaviour in the Divertor and Edge Plasma Regions

 20-22 March 2013, IAEA Headquarters, Vienna, Austria


Wednesday 20 March                                                                                    Meeting room: F0811
09:30:    Robin Forrest / Bas Braams: Welcome, adoption of the agenda, introductions

Session I. Chair: David Schultz

09:50:    Stuart Loch: Generalized collisional radiative model for light elements: C: Data for the boron isonuclear sequence
10:25:    Igor Bray: Electron scattering on beryllium and its ions
11:00:     Break
11:20:    Joseph Reader: NIST database work on spectra of light elements and brief update for tungsten
11:55:    Viorica Stancalie: The low-energy inelastic scattering of electrons by atomic systems
12:30:    Lunch

Session II. Chair: Baoren Wei

14:00:    Yueying Qi: Impact-ionization process of high-energy electrons on hydrogen-like ions in Debye plasmas
14:35:    David Schultz: Update on light ion calculations
15:10:    Yong Wu: Theoretical investigations on ion-atom collisions
15:45:    Break
16:10:    Hyun Chung: Coordinated activities on data evaluation
16:30     All: Status of data for light element electron-atom (ion), ion-atom and radiative processes
19:30:    Social dinner
Thursday 21 March                                                                           Meeting room: F0811
Session III. Chair: Luis Mendez
09:00:    Baoren Wei: The dissociation process of hydrocarbon molecules by low energy electron impact
09:35:    Pierre Defrance: Electron impact fragmentation of molecular ions
10:10:    Brian Mitchell: Dissociative recombination: recent development in theory and future experimental facilities
10:45     Break
11:10:    Asa Larson, Mats Larsson: Recombination reactions and commissioning of DESIREE
11:50:    Ioan Schneider, Zsolt Mezei: Electronic and photonic reactive collisions: application to H2, BeH and H3systems
12:30:    Lunch
Session IV. Chair: Pierre Defrance
14:00:    Dragan Jakimovski: (1) Dissociative electron attachment to H2 molecules and (2)electron impact processes of plasma impurities: BeH+ and BeH
14:40:    Hidekazu Takagi: Processes of electron and molecular ion collisions relevant to divertor plasma: H2+, HeH+, and their isotopes
15:15:    Luis Mendez: Recent calculations of total and state-selective electron capture cross sections
15:50:    Break
16:20:    All: Status of data for light element molecular processes
Friday 22 March                                                                                Meeting room: F0811
Session V. Chair: Hyun Chung
09:00:    Bas Braams: Data Centres Network and Code Centres Network activities
09:20     All: Prospects for uncertainty estimates; spectroscopic and collisional data for beryllium and its hydrides
10:45:    Break
11:10     All: Comprehensive review; data and remaining data needs for light element atom, molecule and radical behaviour in the divertor and edge plasma regions
12:30:    Lunch
Session VI. Chair: Bas Braams
14:00:    Bas Braams: Procedures for Journal of Physics Conference Series
14:15:    All: Outline and schedule for final report of the CRP
15:00:    Expected close of meeting; opportunity for informal work and discussion