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Second Research Coordination Meeting (RCM) of the Coordinated Research Project on "Spectroscopic and Collisional Data for Tungsten from 1 eV to 20 keV"

29-31 August 2012
Meeting hosted by Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics, Heidelberg, Germany
Meeting location:  Central Seminar Room, Library Building,  Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics

Wednesday 29 August : Central Seminar Room

09:30-09:55: Welcome, adoption of the agenda. K. Blaum, A. Müller, B.Braams
09:55-10:20: A. Müller: Experimental Data for Electron-Impact Ionization, Electron-Ion Recombination and Photoionization of Tungsten Ions
10:20-10:45: P. Beiersdorfer: Tungsten data for current and future uses in fusion and plasma science produced at Livermore
10:45-11:15: Break
11:15-11:40: H. A. Sakaue: EUV Spectroscopy of highly charged tungsten ions with electron beam ion traps
11:40-12:05: Yu. Ralchenko: Magnetic-dipole lines from 3dn ions of tungsten and other high-Z elements
12:05-12:30: F. Koike: MCDF calculation and analysis of E1 and M1 lines from tungsten ions in LHD and EBIT plasmas
12:30-13:00 All: Discussion, primarily on EBIT data and their interpretation

14:00-14:25: C. Suzuki: Interpretation of EUV spectra from tungsten ions observed in the Large Helical Device
14:25-14:50: Th. Pütterich: Tungsten spectroscopy in fusion plasmas
14:50-15:15: S. Brezinsek: Tungsten source spectroscopy for the ITER-Like Wall on JET
15:15-15:45: All: Discussion, primarily on fusion plasma spectroscopy and its issues for W
15:45-17:30: Visit to storage ring and EBIT
19:30--- : Social dinner

Thursday 30 August : Central Seminar Room

09:00-09:25: A. N. Ryabtsev: Resonance transitions of W VIII and isoelectronic Hf VI, Ta VII and Re IX spectra.
09:25-10:00: W.-Ü L. Tchang-Brillet and J.-F. Wyart: Present status of experimental data on VUV spectra of moderately charged tungsten ions from Meudon and Troitsk
10:00-10:25: J. Colgan: Atomic Data Calculations and Collisional-Radiative Modeling of Tungsten
10:25-10:50: V. S. Lisitsa: Ionization balance and polarization radiation emission of tungsten ions in plasmas
10:50-11:20: Break
11:20-11:45: D.-H. Kwon: Theoretical cross section for electron impact ionization of W+ forming W2+
11:45-12:10: C.-Z. Dong: Electron impact excitation and dielectronic recombination of highly charged tungsten ions
12:10-12:35: R. Srivastava: Electron excitation of highly charged tungsten ions
12:35-13:00: M. Imai: Charge exchange cross sections for Wq+ ions at high energy
13:00-14:00: Lunch
14:00-14:30: M. Trzhaskovskaya and V. K. Nikulin: Unified database of radiative recombination and photoionization data for highly-charged tungsten ions in plasma
14:30-15:00: J. Colgan and Yu. Ralchenko: Review of NLTE7 code comparisons for tungsten
15:30-16:00: All: Discussion, mainly on the state of collisional radiative modelling
15:30-16:00: Break
16:00-17:30: All:Questions, clarifications, discussion

Friday 31 August : Central Seminar Room

09:00-13:00: Break up for
(a) Status, needs and plans for spectroscopic data
(b) Status, needs and plans for collisional data
13:00-14:00: Lunch
14:00-16:30: Review and work plan