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Vibrational (de)excitaiton of HeH+ by electron impact for all inelastic combinations


  1. The reference publication: M. Ayouz and V. Kokoouline, Atoms 4, 30 (2016) doi:10.3390/atoms4040030
  2. The files contain cross sections for vibrational (de)excitation of HeH+ (in its ground electronic state) by an electron impact for all inelastic combinations of the initial (v_i) and final (v_f) vibrational levels from v=0 to v=5.
  3. Each file corresponds to one initial level v_i. The v_i number appears in the file name. The first column in each file is the incident electron energy in eV, all other columns are cross sections (in cm^2) for final vibrational levels v_f.
  4. The uncertainty in the calculated cross section is estimated to be better than 5% for processes with Dv=|v_f-v_i|=1 and 2. For Dv=3, the uncertainty is about 10%, for Dv=4, it is about 20%. For the v=0 <-> v=5 processes, the uncertainty is about 40%.

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