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A+M & PMI Data Centre Network

The A+M/PMI Data Centre Network (DCN) includes about 12 national data centres for collection, critical assessment (evaluation) and partly for generation of atomic and molecular (A+M), particle surface interaction (PSI) and bulk material properties (plasma-material interaction - PMI) data for fusion and other applications. The activities of this DCN related to fusion research are coordinated by the IAEA A+M Data Unit and periodically reviewed (every two years) by the Subcommittee on Atomic and Molecular Data for Fusion of the International Fusion Research Council (IFRC A+M Subcommittee). The A+M/PMI Data Centre Network represents one of the main instruments by which the international fusion related A+M/PMI data collection and evaluation programmes are implemented.

The heads of the national A+M/PMI data centres, members of the A+M/PMI DCN, constitute a standing Advisory Group for advising the Agency on the technical aspects of A+M/PMI data exchange and processing. This Advisory Group holds regular meetings every two years for analysis, coordination and planning of all DCN activities.

Data Centres

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Data Evaluation Activities

Priorities in Data Compilation, Evaluation, Generation and Exchange
    Reviewed by the last DCN Meeting held in 7-9 September 2009

Classification of Processes
    D. Humbert, Yu. Ralchenko, P. Krstic, R.E.H. Clark,  October 2003