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Presentation of the 1st CM on Data Evaluation

IAEA CM on Procedures for Evaluation of Atomic, Molecular and Plasma-Material Interaction Data for Fusion

7-9 February 2012, National Institute for Fusion Science, Toki, Japan
Scientific Secretary: Hyun-Kyung Chung

Tuesday, 7 February

10:00-10:15 Opening (Prof. A. Komori, Director General of NIFS)
                    Introduction of Participants and Adoption of Agenda
10:15-11:00 H. Chung (IAEA) : Review Meeting Objectives

Session 1: Data Evaluation Activities of the Data Centres

Chairman:D. Kato

11:00-11:45 I. Murakami (NIFS) : Data Evaluation Activities at NIFS
11:45-13:15 Lunch

13:15-14:00 T. Nakano (JAEA): Data Evaluation Activities at JAEA
14:00-14:45 M. Imai (Kyoto) : Summary for the JAEA-KU Cooperative Research Program
14:45-15:00 Coffee break

15:00-15:45 J. Yan (IAPCM): Data Production and Evaluation at CRAAMD
15:45-16:30 C. Kim (KRISS) : National System of Standard Reference Data in Korea
16:30-17:00 J. Yoon (NFRI) : Data Evaluation Activities at NFRI

Wednesday, 8 February

Session 2: Evaluation Methods and Evaluated Data

Chairman:I. Murakami

09:00-09:45 Y. Itikawa (JAXA) : Evaluation of Cross Section Data - a personal experience
09:45-10:30 M. Song (NFRI) : Data Evaluation of Helium
10:30-10:45 Coffee break

10:45-13:00 J. Choi (KRISS) : Concept and Definition of Measurement and its Uncertainty Based on GUM
13:00-14:00 Lunch

Session 3: Data Evaluation Methods and Data Uncertainties

Chairman:J. Yoon

14:00-14:30 J. Yoon (NFRI): Data Evaluation System
14:30-17:00 Discussion on Data Evaluation

Thursday, 9 February

Session 4: Data Evaluation Activities

Chairman:Y. Itikawa

09:00-10:30 Review on Data Evaluation Methods and Formulation of Future Activities
10:30-10:45 Coffe break

Session 5: Recommendation to IAEA on Data Evaluation Activities

Chairman:H. Chung

10:45-12:00 Status of ATmoic, Molecular, Plasma-Surface Interaction Data Evaluation
12:00-13:30 Lunch

13:30-15:00 Dicussion on Data Evaluators Network
15:00-15:15 Coffe break

15:15-17:00 Formulation of Meeting Conclusions and Recommendations (Round-Table)
17:00- Adjourn of the Meeting