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Oxygen Atomic Data Sets

The following tables have the link to the files of energy levels, radiative transition rates, Collisional excitation cross sections, radiative recombination and photoionization cross sections, autoionization rates and Collisional ionization cross sections of Oxygen.

Each ASCII file contains values per ion stage NE (Number of Electrons=8 for neutral atom) of element Oxygen : : Autoionization rates produced by fac.AITable
ONEa.ce : Collisional excitation cross sections produced by fac.CETable : Collisional ionization cross sections produced by fac.CITable
ONEa.en : Energy levels produced by the function fac.Structure
ONEa.rr : Radiative recombination and photoionization cross sections produced by fac.RRTable : Radiative transition rates produced by fac.TransitionTable

 O 7+    (Hydrogen like Oxygen)n/a O01a.ce O01a.en O01a.rr
 O 6+    (Helium like Oxygen) O02a.ce O02a.en O02a.rr
 O 5+    (Lithium like Oxygen) O03a.ce O03a.en O03a.rr
 O 4+    (Bryllium like Oxygen) O04a.ce O04a.en O04a.rr
 O 3+    (Boron like Oxygen) O05a.ce O05a.en O05a.rr
 O 2+    (Carbon like Oxygen) O06a.ce O06a.en O06a.rr
 O 1+    (Nitrogen like Oxygen) O07a.ce O07a.en O07a.rr
 O 0+ O08a.ce O08a.en O08a.rr

Notice : For further detail please refer to FAC 1.1.1 Manual.