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Los Alamos National Laboratory Atomic Data Sets

Interface to Los Alamos Atomic Physics Codes

An interface is available to run several Los Alamos atomic physics codes for calculation of atomic structure, electron impact excitation, as well as ionization processes.

The well known Hartree-Fock method of R.D. Cowan, developed at Group T-4 of the Los Alamos National Laboratory, is used for the atomic structure calculations.

Electron impact excitation cross sections are calculated using either the distorted wave approximation (DWA) or the first order many body theory (FOMBT).

Electron impact ionization cross sections can be calculated using the scaled hydrogenic method developed by Sampson and co-workers, the binary encounter method or the distorted wave method. Photoionization cross sections and, where appropriate, autoionizations are also calculated.

Link to Los Alamos atomic physics code center

Completed Atomic Data Sets by LANL codes

A group at LANL participated at the CRP for "Atomic Data For Heavy Element Impurities in Fusion Reactors" and produced atomic data sets for argon, chlorine and silicon atoms for users.

The data sets are available for level energies and statistical weights of fine-structure levels of the ground and excited configurations, oscillator strengths and electron-impact excitation cross-sections, photo-ionization and electron-impact ionization cross-sections among the levels.

  • Argon Atomic Data Sets

  • Chlorine Atomic Data Sets

  • Silicon Atomic Data Sets