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Argon Atomic Data Sets

The following tables have the link to the compressed files of data sets for each ionization stage and the list of non-relativistic configuration. The numbers of fine-structure levels, collisional and radiative transitions are listed as well.

Each compressed file contains 4 files per ion stage YY (YY=1 for neutral atom) of element XX (XX=18 for argon) :

struct.XXYY: fine-structure level and oscillator strength [GF] data
eielev.XXYY: electron-impact excitation data [CE]
ionlev.XXYY: photo-ionization [PI] and collisional-ionization [CI] data (using scaled-hydrogenic approach)
dwilev.XXYY: distorted-wave collisional ionization [DW] data from the ground level of that ion stage

Note that for ionization, a logarithmic mesh in energy is used using energy threshold units, where a "threshold unit" is the incident electron energy divided by the ionization threshold. The cross sections are given for 21 energy points, on a log mesh from 1.01 to 100 threshold units.
For excitation this is a little different. Still a log mesh, but now on the final electron energy; and also only 9 points are given. The final-energy mesh is chosen such that the initial and final values are approximately 0.01 and 9.0, respectively, times the largest transition energy to be considered for a given ion stage. This choice ensures that our method for generating the excitation cross sections is robust enough to handle the broad range of excitation transitions that can occur within a given ion stage.

IonCompressed File SizeLevelsGFCE PICIDWConfiguration File
Ar 0+ Ar01_LANLdata.tar.gz 16.7 Mb347145672728440483404839 24 configurations
Ar 1+ Ar02_LANLdata.tar.gz 62.5 Mb8418772911326014745414745428 35 configurations
Ar 2+ Ar03_LANLdata.tar.gz 122.7 Mb138822894028557227470027470018 36 configurations
Ar 3+ Ar04_LANLdata.tar.gz 110.9 Mb147227231033650022862822862851 36 configurations
Ar 4+ Ar05_LANLdata.tar.gz 51.8 Mb1104150386197157974909749033 36 configurations
Ar 5+ Ar06_LANLdata.tar.gz 45.4 Mb2003464707196119677596775918 63 configurations
Ar 6+ Ar07_LANLdata.tar.gz 1.9 Mb2831005491333114311420 33 configurations
Ar 7+ Ar08_LANLdata.tar.gz 1.4 Mb25899871273335733579 22 configurations
Ar 8+ Ar09_LANLdata.tar.gz 1.4 Mb89120388386238623 15 configurations
Ar 9+ Ar10_LANLdata.tar.gz 7.5 Mb2791201483120675206759 23 configurations
Ar 10+ Ar11_LANLdata.tar.gz 14.7 Mb554428245485392273922712 24 configurations
Ar 11+ Ar12_LANLdata.tar.gz 14.3 Mb668649799900361343613410 24 configurations
Ar 12+ Ar13_LANLdata.tar.gz 7.9 Mb564446211107018199181997 24 configurations
Ar 13+ Ar14_LANLdata.tar.gz 2.0 Mb291132574245427842789 24 configurations
Ar 14+ Ar15_LANLdata.tar.gz 0.4 Mb9814609259339335 17 configurations
Ar 15+ Ar16_LANLdata.tar.gz 0.3 Mb9716672857897893 18 configurations
Ar 16+ Ar17_LANLdata.tar.gz 28 kb311483073731 10 configurations
Ar 17+ Ar18_LANLdata.tar.gz 8 kb16481516161 10 configurations