Atomic and Molecular Data Unit Publications

Summary Reports describing the results of the experts meetings organized by the Unit and issued within the IAEA-INDC(NDS) series shortly after the meetings (see Meetings);

The series "Atomic and Plasma-Material Interaction Data for Fusion" (see APID series), published annually to present data related to results produced by CRPs and other consultants' groups (see CRPs);

International Bulletin on Atomic and Molecular Data for Fusion (see Bulletin); published semi-annually to provide the most recent bibliography (from journals and other sources) containing atomic, molecular and particle-surface interaction data for fusion.

IAEA-INDC(NDS) Reports of the results of individual consultants, or groups of consultants;

Externally published data related publications resulting from IAEA CRPs, consultancies, and other A+M Data Unit coordination activities.

We wish to improve the visibility of our technical reports, including visibility to Google Scholar. Example0 is an experiment.