Atomic and Plasma-Material Interaction Data for Fusion (Supplement to the journal Nuclear Fusion) Volume 1


R. Behrisch: "Particle bombardment and energy fluxes to the vessel walls in controlled thermonuclear fusion devices."

W. Eckstein: "Refection" K.L. Wilson, R. Basrasz, R.A. Causey, D.K. Brice, B.L. Doyle, W.R. Wampler, W. Moller, B.M.U. Scherzer, T. Tanabe: "Trapping, detrapping and release of implanted hydrogen isotopes."

W. Eckstein, J. Bohdansky, J. Roth: "Erosion of graphite due to particle impact."

E.W. Thomas: "Particle induced electron emission."

H. Wolff: "Arcing in magnetic fusion devices."

J. B. Whitlet, W.B. Gauster, R.D. Watson, J.A. Koski, A.J. Russo: "Pulse heating and effects of disruptions and runaway electrons on first walls and divertors."

R.K. Janev, A. Miyahara: "Plasma-material interaction issues in fusion reactor design and status of the database."