Atomic and Plasma-Material Interaction Data for Fusion Volume 13

Atomic and Molecular Data for Fusion Plasma Diagnostics

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Feasibility Studies of a Charge Exchange Recombination Diagnostic for Measurement of Impurity Flows in the Divertor of the DIII?D Tokamak
N.H. Brooks, N.S. Wolf, W.P. West, S. Loch, M.O. Mullane, R.E. Olson, T.E. Evans, R.L. Boivin

Charge Exchange Data for Alpha Particles Interacting with Atoms and Molecules
R. Hoekstra, D. Bodewits, S. Knoop, R. Morgenstern, L. Méndez, L.F. Errea, C. Illescas, A. Macías, B. Pons, A. Riera, F. Aumayr, HP. Winter

Experimental Study on Inner Shell Ionization Cross Sections by Electron Impact
Luo Zhengming, An Zhu

Determination of Rate Coefficients for Atoms and Molecules (Hydrocarbons and Hydrogen with its Isotopes) by Measurement and Modelling in the Boundary Plasma of TEXTOR
A. Pospieszczyk, D. Borodin, S. Brezinsek, A. Huber, A. Kirschner, Ph. Mertens, G. Sergienko, B. Schweer, I.L. Beigman, L. Vainshtein

Measured Line Spectra and Calculated Atomic Physics Data for Highly Charged Tungsten Ions
R. Radtke, C. Biedermann, G. Fussmann, J.L. Schwob, P. Mandelbaum, R. Doron

Vibrationally Resolved Processes in Slow Ion-Molecule and Atom-Molecular Ion Collisions of Hydrogenic Species
P.S. Krstic

Electron Capture Cross Sections in Collisions of N2+ and O2+ with H
P. Barragán, L.F. Errea, L. Fernández, A. Macías, L. Méndez, I. Rabadán, A. Riera

Atomic Data for H++He(1s2), He(NLM) Collisions: Single Ionisation, Excitation and Charge Exchange Cross Sections
K. Dimitriou, F. Aumayr, K. Katsonis, HP. Winter, M.I. Chibisov, R.K. Janev, X. Urbain, F. Brouillard

Cross Sections for Electron Capture and Excitation Processes in Collisions Between the Hydrogen-Like He+(1s) and B4+(1s), C5+(1s), N6+(1s), O7+(1s) Ions
V.K. Nikulin, N.A. Guschina

Radiative Lifetime of High Rydberg States Perturbed by a Neutral Atom
M.I. Chibisov, R.K. Janev, I.I. Fabrikant, X. Urbain, F. Brouillard