Atomic and Plasma-Material Interaction Data for Fusion Volume 14

Data for Molecular Processes in Edge Plasmas

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Electron Impact Ionization/Dissociation of Hydrocarbon Molecules Relevant in the Edge Plasma
S. Denifl, S. Feil, M. Winkler, M. Probst, O. Echt, S. Matt-Leubner, V. Grill, P. Scheier, T.D. Märk

Electron Impact Ionization to the Constituents of the Edge Plasma: Appearance Energies and Temperature Effects
S. Matejcík, M. Stano, E. Vasekova, S. Denifl, J.D. Skalny, T.D. Märk

Product Branching Ratios in Recombination of Hydrocarbon Ions (CnHm+)
M. Larsson

Electron Impact Ionization of Molecules and Free Radicals
K. Becker, V. Tarnovsky

Collicions of Hydrocarbon Ions of Energies 10-50 eV with Carbon Surfaces: Ion Survival, Dissociation, Chemical Reactions, Scattering
Z. Herman, T.D. Märk

Elementary Processes, Transport and Kinetics of Molecular Plasmas
M. capitelli, R. Celiberto, O. De Pascale, P. Diomede, F. Esposito, C. Gorse, A. Laricchiuta, S. Longo, D. Pagano

Effective Rate Coefficients for Molecular Processes of Hydrogen and Hydrocarbons in Edge Plasmas
U. Fantz, D. Wünderlich

Reactive Collisions Between Electrons and Molecular Hydrogen Cation Isotopomers: Cross Sections and Rate Coefficients for HD+ and DT+
M.C. Store, M. Fifirig, F.O. Waffeu Tamo, O. Motapon, O. Crumeyrolle, G. Varin-Breant, A. Bultel, P. Vervisch, A. Suzor-Weiner, I.F. Schneider

Cross Section Database for Collision Processes of Hydrocarbons with Electrons and Protons
R.K. Janev, D. Reiter

Photoabsorption, Photoionization and Neutral-Dissociation Cross Sections of Hydrocarbon Molecules. Physicochemical Aspects of Molecular Processes in Fusion Edge Plasmas
Y. Hatano