Atomic and Plasma-Material Interaction Data for Fusion (Supplement to the journal Nuclear Fusion) Volume 2


W.L. Wiese: "Spectroscopic data for fusion edge plasmas."

S. Trajmar: "Electron collision processes with plasma edge neutrals."

G.H. Dunn: "Electron-ion collisions in the plasma edge."

H. Tawara, Y. Itikawa, H. Nishimura, H. Tanaka, Y. Nakamura:
"Cross-section data for collisions of electrons with hydrocarbon molecules."

M.A. Cacciatore, M. Capitelli, R. Celiberto: "Dissociative and energy transfer reactions involving vibrationally excited H2/D2 molecules."

R.A. Phaneuf: "Assessment of ion-atom collision data for magnetic fusion plasma modelling."

T. Tabata, R. Ito, T. Shirai, Y. Nakai, H. T. Hunter, R.A. Phaneuf: "Extended scaling of cross-sections for the ionization of H, H2 and He by multiply charged ions."

P. Reinig, M. Zimmer, F. Linder: "Ion-molecule collision processes relevant to fusion edge plasmas."

X. Bonnin, R. Marchand, R.K. Janev: "Radiative losses and electron cooling rates for carbon and oxygen plasma impurities."