Atomic and Plasma-Material Interaction Data for Fusion (Supplement to the journal Nuclear Fusion) Volume 3


H.P. Summers, M. von Hellermann, F.J. de Heer, R. Hoekstra:
"Requirments for collision data on the species helium, beryllium and boron in magnetic confinement fusion."

F.J. de Heer, R. Hoekstra, A.E. Kingston, H.P. Summers: "Excitation of neutral helium by electron impact."

T. Kato, R.K. Janev: "Parametric representation of electron impact excitation and ionization cross-sections for helium atoms."

W. Fritsch: "Helium excitation in heavy particle collisions."

F.J. de Heer, R. Hoekstra, H.P. Summers: "New assessment of cross-section data for helium excitation by protons."

M. Anton, D. Detleffsen, K.-H. Schartner: "Heavy ion impact excitation of helium: Experimental total cross sections"

H.B. Gilbody: "Review of experimental data on electron capture and ionization for collisions of protons and multiply charged ions with helium atoms and ions."

R. Hoekstra, H.P. Summers, F.J. de Heer: "Charge transfer in collisions of protons with helium."

R.K. Janev: "Cross-section scaling for one- and two-electron loss processes in collisions of helium atoms with multiply charged ions."

A.A. Korotkov: "Sensitivity ov neutral beam stopping in fusion plasmas to atomic collision cross sections."

K.A. Berrington, R.E.H. Clark: "Recommended data for electron impact excitation of Be(q+) and B(q+) ions."

D.L. Moores: "Electron impact ionization of Be and B atoms and ions."

M.S. Pindzola, N.R. Badnell: "Dielectronic recombination rate coefficients for ions of the Be and B isonuclear sequences."

R.A. Phaneuf, R.K. Janev, H. Tawara, M. Kimura, P.S. Krstic, G. Peach, M.A. Mazing: "Status and critical assessment of the database for collisions of Be(q+) and B(q+) ions with H, H2 and He."

P.S. Krstic, M. Radmilovoc, R.K. Janev: "Charge exchange, excitation and ionization in slow Be(+4) + H and B(+5) + H collisions."