Atomic and Plasma-Material Interaction Data for Fusion (Supplement to the journal Nuclear Fusion) Volume 5


W.B. Gauster, W.R. Spears and ITER Joint Central Team:
"Requirements and selection criteria for plasma-facing materials and components in the ITER EDA design."

D.E. Dombrowski, E.B. Deknis, M.A. Pick: "Thermomechanical properties of Beryllium."

T.D. Burchell, T. Oku: "Material properties data for fusion reactor plasma-facing carbon-carbon composites."

T. Tanabe: "High-Z candidate plasma facing materials."

R.F. Mattas: "Recommended property data for Mo, Nb and V-alloys."

S.J. Zinkle, S.A. Fabritsiev: "Copper alloys for high heat flux structure applications."

A. Hassanein, I. Konkashbaev: "Erosion of plasma-facing materials during a tokamak disruption."

H.-W. Bartels, T. Kunugi, A.J. Russo: "Runaway electron effects."

M. Araki, M. Akiba, R.D. Watson, C.B. Baxi, D.L. Youchison: Databases for thermo-hydrodynamic coupling with coolants."