Atomic and Plasma-Material Interaction Data for Fusion (Supplement to the journal Nuclear Fusion) Volume 6


F.J. de Heer, I. Bray, D.V. Fursa, F.W. Bliek, H.O. Folkerts, R. Hoeskstra, H.P. Summers:
"Excitation of He(2^1,3S) by electron impact."

V.P. Shevelko, H. Tawara: "Spin-allowed and spin-forbidden transitions in excited He atoms induced by electron impact."

P. Defrance: "Recommended data for electron impact ionization of noble gas ions."

M. Stenke, K. Aicheke, D. Hathiramani, G. Hofmann, M. Steidl, R. Volpel, E. Salzborn: A. Muller:
"Dielectronic recombination and ionization in electron-ion collisions: data from merged-beams experiments."

V.P. Shelvelko, H. Tawara: "Multiple ionization of atoms and positive ions by electron impact."

M.S. Pindzola, D.C. Griffin, N.R. Badnell, H.P. Summers: "Electron-impact ionization of atomic ions for ADAS."

W. Fritsch: "Theoretical studies of slow collisions between medium-Z metallic ions and neutral H, H2, or He."

R.K. Janev: "Excitation of helium by protons and multiply charged ions: analytic form of scaled cross sections."

M. Gargaud, R. McCarroll:
"Electron capture from H and He by Al(+2,3), Si(+2,3,4), Ar(+6) and Ti(+4) in the eV to KeV energy range."

D.R. Schultz, P.S. Krstic: "Inelastic processes in 0.1-1000 keV/u collisions of Ne(q+)(q=7-10) ions with atomic hydrogen."

H.B. Gilbody: "Charge transfer and ionization studies involving metallis species."

R. Hoekstra, J.P.M. Beijers, F.W. Bliek, S. Schippers, R. Morgenstern:
"Fusion related experiments with medium-Z multiply charged ions."

M. Druetta, D. Hitz, B. Jettkant:
"Charge exchange collisions of multicharged Ar(5,6+), Kr(5,6+), Fe(7,8+) and Ni(+17) ions with He and H2."

C. Cisneros, J. de Urquijo, I. Alvarez, A. Aguilar, A.M. Juarez, H. Martinez:
"Electron capture collision processes involving multiply-charged Si, Ni, Ti, Mo and W ions with H, H2, and He targets."