Atomic and Plasma-Material Interaction Data for Fusion (APID Series) Volume 9

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R.K. Janev:
"Atomic and Plasma-Wall Interaction Issues in Divertor Plasma Modeling."

S. Matt, T. Fiegele, G. Senn, K. Becker, H. Deutsch, O. Echt, A. Stamatovic, P. Scheier, T. Märk:
"Electron Impact Ionization of Edge Plasma Constitutents."

M. Capitelli, R. Celiberto, A. Eletskii, A. Laricchiuta:
"Electron-Molecule Dissociation Cross Sections of H2, N2 and O2 in Different Vibrational Levels."

F. Esposito, M. Capitelli:
"Dynamical Calculations of State-to-State and Dissociation Cross Sections for Atom-Molecule Collision Processes in Hydrogen."

C. Gorse, M. Capitelli:
"Collision Integrals of High Temperature Hydrogen Species."

J.M. Wadehra:
"Dissociative Electron Attachment to Rovibrationally Excited Molecular Hydrogen and its Heavier Isotopic Variants."

J.B.A. Mitchell:
"Dissociative Recombination and Excitation in Fusion Edge Plasmas."

P.S. Krstic, D.R. Schultz:
"Elastic and Inelastic Collision Processes at Low Energies Which Involve Hydrogen Ion, Atoms and Molecules."

C. Harel, H. Jouin, B. Pons, L.F. Errea, J.D. Gorfinkiel, C. Illescas, A. Macías, L. Méndez, A. Riera:
"Calculations of Charge Transfer and Ionization Cross Sections in Collision between Multicharged Ions Aq+ and Atomic Hydrogen."

D. Elizaga, L.F. Errea, J.D. Gorfinkiel, C. Illescas. A. Macías, L. Méndez, I. Rabadán, A. Riera, A. Rojas, P. Sanz:
"Calculations of Charge Transfer and Ionization Cross Sections for Ion - H2 (D2,DT,T2) Collisions."

E.A. Solov'ev, J.A. Stephens, R.K. Janev:
"State-Selective and Total Electron Capture, Excitation and Ionization Cross Sections for Slow Collisions of H(2s) and He+ (2s) with H+, He2+, Li3+, Be4+, and B5+."

A. Ichihara, O. Iwamoto, K. Yokohama:
"Cross Sections for Ion Production in H+ + H2 Collisions Calculated with the Trajectory-Surface-Hopping Method."

K. Onda:
"Isotope Effect on Dynamics of a Collinear He + H Collisions."

M. Rutigliano, M. Cacciatore, G.D. Billing:
"Recombination of Hydrogen on a Carbon Surface."

M.N. Mirakhmedov, R.A. Salimova:
"Above-Surface Neutralization of Highly Charged Ions Interacting with a Metal Surface"

V.Kh. Ferleger, U.Kh. Rasulev, I.A. Wojciechowski:
"Some Features of Scattering, Sputtering and Ion Emission in Hyperthermal Energy Range."

B.G. Atabaev, Sh.S. Radzhabov, R. Dzhabbarganov, N.G. Saidkhanova:
"Nonelastic Sputtering of Ionic Crystals under Electron, Cesium and Multiply Charged Ion Bombardment"