Atom-Heavy-particle Collisions

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  • Elastic collisions, charge transfer, inelastic collisions of H, H2, H+, H2+, H3+ with H2 at low and intermediate energies (0 to 10 keV). Much data have been produced, but much more are needed.
  • H- + H, H2 (e.g. detachment, excitation, dissociation)
  • Inelastic electronic collision processes of He, He+, He2+ and excited states of H, He and H2 at low energies.
  • Inelastic collision processes of He, He+ and He2+ with H, H+, H2, H2+ at low energies, including processes with excited H, He and H2.
  • Particle interchange reactions among primary species, C, O, metals and hydrocarbons. Some data are published in APID 13 on "Molecular Processes in Fusion Plasmas" and NIFS and FZ Julich Reports on hydrocarbons
  • There is much interest in CH excitation and a need for state resolved data.

  • Elastic and momentum transfer ion-neutral and neutral-neutral collisions in the energy range 0.1 eV - 1 keV/amu, involving H, H+, He, He+, He2+, H2 and H2+.
  • Data are needed for edge temperature (threshold to ~500eV) charge exchange processes among intrinsic impurities and plasma components:
    • Collisions of Xq+ (X = W, Be, C, He, N, O, Li, B of highest priority, with Cl, V, Ti, Cr, Fe, Ni, Mo of lower priority) with H, H2, He, H+ and H2+ including state selective electron capture.
    • Data are needed for all processes of N, N2, Kr, Ne, Ar and Xe with e, H, H+, H2, H2+, He+, and H- (for the proposed radiative cooling scheme of divertors and radiative mantle).
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