Atomic Radiative Properties

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  • Transition probabilities for Be, C, N and O and their ions are needed, as well as data for heavy elements like Fe, Cl, Kr, Mo, Cu and W.
  • Transition probabilities for H, D, T, He, Li, Be, B, Na, Mg, Al, Si and S are done for all ionization stages at the NIST Data Center for Atomic Spectroscopy. Data compilations for Ne, Ar and Cs are in progress.
  • Energy levels and wavelengths for metallic ions and high-Z impurities are needed.
    • W: compilation of some structure data (ionization energies, low lying energy levels etc.) is complete for all ionization stages of W. More detailed data are needed for most ionization stages.
    • Xe, Kr and Ar: There are urgent needs of data production for high ionization stages. First compilations for Kr and Xe have been completed, but they are rather incomplete. Argon is of interest for further work.
    • Data for Hf and Ta are identified as of possible importance for erosion measurements and for spectral comparisons.
    • Complete spectroscopic characterizations of heavy noble gas ions are needed. Ne is in good shape and progress is being made on Ar.
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