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The first Workshop (NLTE-1) back in 1996 presented a genuinely unique opportunity for a narrow (~20 people) group of physicists involved in plasma kinetic modeling to meet in a very informal and enjoyable environment and, not less important, to pinpoint some of the problematic issues in steady-state collisional-radiative simulations (JQSRT 58, 737,1997). In spite of general excitement after the meeting, it regrettably took another 5 years to organize the second (NLTE-2), this time a virtual, Workshop devoted to comparison of NLTE emissivities (JQSRT 81, 71, 2003).

The third workshop (NLTE-3) took place at NIST headquarters in Gaithersburg (MD). Most of the cases suggested for comparisons were related to kinetics of hot dense plasmas. In terms of the scope of the problems, the field was slightly broadened to include problems, which arise in tokamaks, capillary discharges, and radiative power loss. (14th APS Topical Conference on Atomic Processes in Plasmas, APR 19-22, 2004). The fourth workshop (NLTE-4) was organized by the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain). The scope of problems was extended to include problems outside of dense plasma physics, e.g., EUV lithography sources and astrophysical photoionization plasmas (High En. Dens. Ph. 3, 225, 2007).

Previous Meetings

Meeting Year Location Results
NLTE-1 1996 Gaithersburg, USA Lee et al, JQSRT 58, 737 (1997)
NLTE-2 2001 Virtual Workshop Bowen et al, JQSRT 81, 71 (2003)
NLTE-3 2003 Gaithersburg, USA Bowen et al, JQSRT 99, 102 (2005)
NLTE-4 2005 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain Rubiano et al, HEDP 3, 225 (2007)
NLTE-5 2007 Santa Fe, USA Fontes et al, HEDP 5, 15 (2009)
NLTE-6 2009 Athens, Greece in progress
NLTE-7 2011 Vienna, Austria planned
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