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The main activities at Kurchatov on A+M Data are concerned with new data generation, computer code developments for tokamak plasma processes, and data acquisition systems. New data and studies over the past two years include:

  1. Data related to neutral beam heating. Reactions involving D- negative ions; D2 molecules and D2- molecular ions have been experimentally observed.
  2. Plasma radiation.
    • Ultra fast method of calculating the dynamic spectral line shapes, with application to radiation transport modeling;
    • Fast code nl-KINRYD for collisional-radiative kinetics of Rydberg atomic states;
    • Fast code ESMEABRR for bremsstrahlung and radiative recombination.
  3. Data for tungsten and carbon surface change under high dose plasma exposure obtained in the LENTA linear plasma facility, in connection with the IAEA CRP on surface composition dynamics.
  4. Experimental and theoretical studies of nanostructured deposited films in tokamaks.
  5. Dust in tokamaks; dust charge and tritium retention issues; also study of discharge stabilization by dust injection into plasma.

There are new results in the data acquisition system; see http://cpunfi.fusion.ru/dassql/dasweb2.dll/showgl

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