Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA

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Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA
J. Abdallah, Jr. http://aphysics2.lanl.gov/tempweb/lanl/
LANL codes
These codes calculate non-relativistic atomic structure (Hartree-Fock), cross sections (plane wave Born or distorted wave) for excitation and for electron and photon impact ionization, as well as auto-ionization rates for any atom or ion. They are freely available from the appropriate LANL web site. The ATOMIC code calculates CR models when linked to these data, incorporating the RDCA model to reduce the size of the CR model. At a later date, the RATS relativistic code may be incorporated into the on-line system.

Recent developments with the Los Alamos atomic physics codes[1]

The LANL contribution to the IAEA Atomic and Molecular Data Code Centre is the online version of atomic physics codes. These codes are accessed by remote users to perform atomic structure calculations, including excitation and ionization cross sections, for arbitrary ions and configurations. A brief description of the online capabilities was presented. A short summary of the ATOMIC plasma modeling code was also provided. Recent improvements to the CATS code were discussed, in particular, the recently developed parallel computing capability. Several examples of the use of the LANL suite of atomic physics codes to applications of interest to magnetic fusion were discussed including recent boron power loss calculations and preliminary results for modeling low temperature tungsten plasmas.


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