Molecule-Electron Collisions

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  • Inelastic electronic collision processes of He, He+, He2+ and excited states of H, He and H2 at low energies.
  • Inelastic collision processes of He, He+ and He2+ with H, H+, H2, H2+ at low energies, including processes with excited H, He and H2.

  • Further development of the databases for hydrocarbons, H2O and CO, and Be-, B- oxides and hydrides (including their ions).
  • For hydrocarbons, all processes with electrons and protons should be considered including vibrational excitation.
  • Particle interchange reactions among primary species, C, O, metals and hydrocarbons. Some data are published in APID 13 on "Molecular Processes in Fusion Plasmas" and NIFS and FZ Julich Reports on hydrocarbons
  • There is much interest in CH excitation and a need for state resolved data.

  • Ro-vibrational electronic excitation and attachment for D2, T2, DT.
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