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Atomic and Molecular Data Research Center at NIFS (

The Atomic and Molecular Data Research Center Center at National Institute for Fusion Science, Toki, Japan develops and maintains its own original numerical databases and they offer a portal, in some cases through their own interface, to additional numerical and bibliographical databases. The main point of entry is and the databases can be freely accessed from there without registration.

Among the numerical databases AMDIS is by far the largest, containing more than 400,000 records as of February 2010. AMDIS has subsections EXC, ION and REC for electron impact excitation, ionization and recombination of atoms, and DIO for electron impact dissociation of molecules. Other, much smaller numerical databases are CHART for charge transfer in ion-atom collisions, AMOL for electron collisions with molecules, CMOL for heavy-particle collisions with molecules, and SPUTY and BACKS for sputtering yields and reflection coefficients for collisions on solid surfaces.

A Data Update working group consisting of atomic and molecular physicists in Japan and NIFS staff carries out critical compilation of data published in journals for entry into AMDIS, CHART, AMOL and CMOL. The bibliographical atomic collision database at NIFS is derived from the one developed and maintained at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, but it has a different user interface than at ORNL and it offers cross-references to the numerical databases. Finally, through the dbshino web entry point one finds mirror access to several further numerical databases not developed at NIFS.

In recent years there are about 5,000 search accesses per year of AMDIS and over 7,000 per year for all the numerical databases together. It is planned to migrate all the databases into a new system in the course of 2010.

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