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Co-ordinated Research Project (CRP) on "Joint Research using Small Tokamaks", 2004-2008

The homepage ( offers general information about the project and offers involved scientists a thorough networking platform.

The purpose of a Small Tokamak Network

Small tokamaks are very suitable and important for broad international cooperation, providing necessary environment and manpower to conduct dedicated research programmes. Furthermore, small tokamaks are very convenient to develop and test new materials and technologies, which because of the risky nature cannot be done in large machines without preliminary studies, such as disruption studies, liquid walls, etc. The experimental work on small tokamaks is very appropriate for the education of students, scientific activities of post-graduate students and for the training of personnel for large tokamaks.

Tokamaks in the CRP

  • T-10
  • ETE
  • STOR_M
  • IR-T1
  • TUMAN-3M
  • FT-2
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