Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain

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Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain
I. Rabadán, http://tcam.qui.uam.es/ismanuel/
These codes perform calculations of electronic excitation, single and double charge transfer, molecular vibrational excitation, vibrationally-resolved charge transfer, vibrationally-resolved electronic excitation, ionization of atoms and molecules. They can treat poly- and mono-electron systems over entire range of energies from 1.e-3 eV/amu to 1.e6 eV/amu. (Add link and web page with references, etc.)

Theoretical treatment of ion-atom and ion-molecule collisions[1]

I presented a summary of the methodologies that we have assembled to treat ion-atom and ion-molecule collisions. Some of these methodologies can deal with systems with more than two active electrons, which is particularly important for the intermediate range of collisional energies (around 1 keV/u). At the same time, we have developed methods to treat complex systems (many electrons) using one-electron wave functions and/or classical mechanics.

A chart of codes with a brief summary of their capabilities was presented, alongside a few examples showing recent results on isotope effects in beryllium collisions with hydrogen and collisions with molecules like CH4. The possibility of other users using the codes was also discussed.


  1. http://www-amdis.iaea.org/CCN/Meetings2/
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