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Neodymium Charge State Distribution

by FLYCHK NLTE Kinetics Calculation at NIST

Average Charge States Z

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Radiative Power Loss Rates

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Charge State Distribution

Click the density for interactive plot. In the plot, Charge State 0 refers to neutral atom.

Rate coefficients for ionization balance at coronal equilibrium

FLYCHK rate coefficients [cm3/s] of direct collisional ionization(ci), excitation autoionization(ea), radiative recombination(rr) and dielectronic recombination rates(dr) of each ion are calculated as a function of temperature[eV] for plasma modeling applications. The radiative cooling coefficients per charge state per electron density [eV-cm3/s] for each ion are also listed for line radiation (bb) and recombination radiation (bf). For a radiative cooling rate, one should multiply by electron density[cm-3] and the density of the charge state[cm-3]. Read the Rate Coefficients Table. Note that all caclulations are done at Ne=1cm-3. For more information, please check the section on "About FLYCHK rate coefficients".


If you publish results using these rates, please refer to the article of FLYCHK: Generalized population kinetics and spectral model for rapid spectroscopic analysis for all elements, H.-K. Chung, M.H. Chen, W.L. Morgan, Y. Ralchenko and R.W. Lee, High Energy Density Physics, Volume 1, Issue 1, December 2005, Pages 3-12