Researchers in Atomic and Molecular Theory

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J. TENNYSON, U. College, London R-Matrix, electron-molecule Jemima Gorfinkiel, Open U, UK R-Matrix, electron-molecule Tom Rescigno, Bill McCurdy, Berkeley, USA (also Davis) Electron-molecule(atom) theory Igor Bray, Dimtry Fursa, Perth, Australia CCC calcs on atoms (mainly) and molecules Vince McKoy and Carl Winstead, Caltech, USA Schwinger variational calcs on molecules Marco Lima and colleagues Brazil (several) Schwinger variational calcs on molecules J. Horacek, Prague, Czech Rep. Electron-molecule scattering, DEA Franco Gianturco, Rome, Italy Electron molecule scattering B Antony, India ??? Don Madison, Rolla, USA Ionization calculations, distorted wave approach C Balance, QUB ??? Vasco Guerra, Luis Alves, Portugal Modelling, plasmas Ron White, Townsville, Australia Transport theory, swarms R Lucchese, Texas Electron-Molecule scattering A. Larrichiuta, R Celiberto, Bari ???

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